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Dear Thrive Friends, 



From the beginning in 2017, Thrive Community Church has strived to be a church worthy of your support. We have never wavered fromour commitment to Jesus' Great Commission: 


  • We invite people to Know God. Every weekend, over 250 changed lives gather for worship at one of our two worship services.  


  • We connect people in groups to Find Freedom. More than 650 people attended one of our many small groups, First,Freedom, Men’s, and Women’s Conferences. Small groups, which we call Thrive Tribes, are a place where others don't just know your name, but care about what is happening in your life. Our youth ministry has an average of 20 students meeting every Wednesday evening. Freedom Conference is where people can discover and begin to walk as God intended us to be in Christ as He created us. 


  • We lead people to Connect to Purpose. Through our monthly Next Steps classes, people discover what it looks like to follow Jesus, connect to the church, discover their purpose, and then make a difference with their life. This last 12 months more than 40 people participated in this growth process to include some of our youth. 


  • We serve together to Make a Difference. Presently more than 78 Go Team positions are filled each week. These people have not only discovered their gifts and passions, but they are also actively serving others in a variety of different ways. 


As we reflect on what God has done through Thrive in 2023; it is clear that many people's lives have been changed forever. With one prayer at a time, one service at a time, one Thrive Tribe at a time, and one dollar at a time, you have made an eternal difference. Because of your faithful support, we continue to share the vision God has given us. 


Because of you, we were able to support two of our own for six months in Burma through Free Burma Rangers; we supported one of our pastors on a mission trip to Brazil; and we continue to support a children’s home and school in Honduras with 10% of sales from each cup of San Rafael coffee served in our cafe. 


Because of you, we were able to continue with two more semesters of Thrive Leadership School for spiritual growth and development for 28 future leaders. 


Because of you, we provided a partial scholarship to one of our young adults to attend Highlands College in Alabama. 


Because of you, we were able to provide a new playground for our growing children’s ministry and create “community” for young families seeking Godly relationships through Heart for the Kingdom giving. 


Because of you, we were able to have many decisions towards the Journey to Christ. 

  1. Salvations - 25+ 

  1. Rededications - 30 

  1. Child Dedications - 18 

  1. Heart Changes “Still counting!” 

  1. Baptisms - 10 

  1. Biblical Counseling Appointments - 135 

  1. Healings - 54 

  1. Prayer Request more than 350 


Because of you, we were able to continue the equipping and training of many Go Team members, who in turn serve you weekly. 


Because of you, during weekend services, we served over 10,900 Adults and 2,340 Kids. In 2023 alone over 3,400 Go Team positions have served at Thrive weekend services and events.  


And lastly, because of you, we will continue to lead change for Christ in the dark corners of our county, state, nation and world!


This is what Thrive Community Church is all about; taking the love and power of Jesus Christ to people in Henderson County and around the world. I am honored to join with you in the cause that counts. 



I love being your pastor! 

Nathan Herrington 

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