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Our Leadership

Believers who invest their hearts, time, families, and finances in the building of a local church deserve to have confidence in church leadership. People are looking for leaders who conduct themselves with integrity and respect when making decisions that affect their lives. 

1. We are guided by Pastors.

The Pastoral staff team is led by the Senior Pastor. This team oversees the day-to-day ministry and operations of the church. These staff pastors serve the congregation and are responsible for the development of the spiritual life of the church.

Thrive Community Church Senior Pastor Leadership Team are:

  • Nathan Herrington

  • Stephanie Farris

  • Deb Reeves

  • Christian Reed

2. We are protected by Trustees.

The Trustees are members of the congregation who oversee the finances and direct the provision of the facilities needed by the church. They provide counsel to the Senior Pastor Leadership Team regarding the major financial commitments of the church. The Trustees are comprised of Non-staff Directors and Elders.

The Trustees for Thrive Community Church are:

  • Shauna Brucker (Secretary/Treasurer)

  • Jackie Hablinski

  • Joey Ridgle

  • Nathan Herrington

3. We are strengthened by Overseers.

The Overseers are pastors who love Thrive and are willing to provide spiritual protection to the church. They may be called in to help in accountability matters relating to the Senior Pastor if requested by the Pastors or Trustees. 

The Overseers for Thrive are:

  • Pastor Eddie Freeman Gateway Church, Texas

  • Elder Gayland Lawshe Gateway Church, Texas

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