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Open Serve Opportunities

At Thrive Community Church, we're all about people, community, and growth.

If you want to use your gifts and skills to impact lives and communities, we'd love to connect with you!


We have positions available where you can live out your purpose alongside others who are passionate about Jesus. 

Here at Thrive, you're not just another member, you are an essential part of the vision and mission of the church. 

Number of jobs found:


New Construction Lead 

Planning Center – Check-in Admin 

Planning Center – Group Admin 

Planning Center – Workflows Admin 

Planning Center – Lists Admin 

Planning Center – Forms Admin 

Grounds Maintenance Lead

Planning Center – Calendar Admin 

Publications Admin 

Maintenance Lead 

Planning Center – Services Admin 

Improvements Lead 

Planning Center – People Admin

Purchasing Admin

Learning World Lead 

Accounting Director 

Learning World Admin

Planning Center – Registrations Admin 

Travel Coordinator

Executive Admin 

Accounting Admin 

Event Project Manager 

Senior Staff Admins 

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